Wedding FAQs
Unfortunately, there is a shortage of parking in Corolla.  We have gotten permission for our guests to park a couple of miles down route 12.  We will be running a shuttle back and forth between the
What is a Quaker wedding ceremony like?
Our wedding ceremony will be a Quaker worship service.  The attendees sit in silence, which they may use for contemplation, prayer, and/or meditation as they see fit.  When a person feels moved to
What kind of food will there be at the reception?
Right now, I’m hoping the menu will include North Carolina BBQ, hot dogs and hamburgers.  There will be plenty of vegetarian fare.  However, the menu will not be set in stone until  the guest list
Where will the reception be held?
The reception will be held at a beach house a couple of blocks in from the ocean.   The address of this beach house is 723 Spinnaker Arch, Corolla, NC.  Most of the beach cottages on the outer banks
What kinds of things will there be to do at the reception?
The beach house has a pool and of course, we are only two blocks from the ocean so guests are encouraged to bring their swimsuits and enjoy both.  
People have asked us a number of questions about the wedding, so to make things convenient for everyone, we’ve decided to answer them here on the web.  If you feel that we are missing an important question, please let us know and we’ll be glad to post it!
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